It’s time to make energy
make sense

Right now, few (if any) people have a clear understanding of their relationship with energy and what they can and can’t control. We’re changing that.

Energy facts that hit close to home

~7 %

of annual incomes is spent on household energy


of all energy consumed in Canada is household energy


of Canada’s carbon emissions come from household energy


of Canadian home energy consumption is for space heating

Source: Analysis of Statistics Canada data

How much energy do I consume?

Am I getting more or less efficient from year to year?

What is my total cost of energy in a year?

Did that cleantech upgrade even make a difference?

What are my total carbon emissions?

If I do offset my emissions, will my energy costs go up or down?

How much of my money goes to taxes vs buying energy?

How does my energy usage compare to similar homes?

What am I paying in carbon tax and am I really making money on it?

Can you answer these basic questions about your energy usage?

No? You’re not the only one. We’ve heard from multiple energy industry leaders that even they struggle to answer questions about their household energy consumption.

Jotson™ will help you answer these questions and more

We turn raw data into
easy-to-understand information…


Knowing the energy you use to operate your home and vehicle helps you understand habits and energy efficiency.


Knowing the cost of different energy types helps you understand where your money is going and where you could save.


Knowing the greenhouse gases (GHG) emitted from the energy you consume helps you understand and track your impact on the environment.

… make it relevant to your life…

Consumption Trends Cost Breakdowns Carbon Tax Implications Cleantech Efficiency

Consumption Trends

Know how much energy you consume to identify opportunities to reduce consumption.

Cost Breakdowns

Know how much you pay for each energy type (with or without embedded costs) to spot opportunities to reduce costs or refine your budget.

Carbon Tax Implications

Know how carbon tax impacts your energy costs to decide what types of energy you want to purchase now and in the future.

Cleantech Efficiency

Know the impact of clean technology to make big purchase decisions with confidence.

… so you can make decisions like these with confidence.

Add solar

Learn the solar energy potential of your home and whether the investment is worth it.

Install a
heat pump

Compare efficiency and costs today and learn the factors that can impact future costs.

Decide which
car to drive

Compare energy costs and carbon emissions between your gas and electric vehicle.

Run your furnace or heat pump

Optimize home heating costs by switching between your heat pump and furnace at the right time.

We partner with industry-leading energy corporations

Future-focused companies partner with Jotson™ to better equip their customers to understand their energy consumption and emissions.

Utility Companies

Fuel Retailers

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