Where energy meets facts

We empower anyone to reduce energy use, cost, and emissions.

We’re finally making it possible to understand and manage your relationship with energy

Our mission is to help households become informed and confident in energy-related
decisions by making household energy data easy to access, track, and understand.

Our deep experience fuels our future

We’re no strangers to the energy system – we have decades of experience working in
the heart of it. Now, we’re applying our career knowledge to bridge the gap between the energy
sector and the everyday consumer.

“Despite incredible transformations in the energy industry, everyday consumers feel powerless to make informed decisions about energy. And I believe the root issue is quite simple: you can’t manage what you aren’t equipped to understand. So, we’re going to give people the facts and help anyone (and hopefully everyone) understand their energy.”

Mark Little

CEO & Co-Founder
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“For years I tried to track and make sense of the energy I’m consuming at home, what I’m paying for, and why. I finally realized that spreadsheets can’t answer these questions – we need a digital solution built on a deep and technical understanding of how the energy system is governed. We’re building that solution.”

Remus Lacatus

COO & Co-Founder
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What we believe in

We may be a startup, but we’re building it the right way, beginning with what matters most.


We earn trust by consistently doing what we say we’ll do.


We focus on the facts and follow wherever they lead us.


We work together – as a team and with the greater energy ecosystem.


We look for ways to help others reach their full potential.

Lifelong Learning

We actively seek out opportunities to learn, try, fail, and grow.

Data-Driven Decisions

We ground our hypotheses and decisions in accurate, relevant data.

Join us at Jotson

We’re a scrappy startup with an exciting growth trajectory. If you’re passionate about energy or empowering people with data, we’d love to meet you.


Senior Full Stack Developer

This is a full-time, permanent role in Calgary, AB (Hybrid)

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