Your energy in your hands

The energy system is complex, but managing your own energy doesn’t have to be. Get a
crystal clear understanding of your total energy cost, consumption, and carbon emissions so you can make informed decisions backed by facts.

We spend nearly 7% of our annual income on household energy (electricity, natural gas, and vehicle fuel). But those expenses often feel out of our control. With so much pressure to become more energy conscious, we need an easy way to understand what we’re consuming, how much it costs, and how to make informed decisions.

Ever felt powerless to reduce your energy consumption or costs? You aren’t alone.

Jotson™ is your one-stop-shop for household energy management

We piece together your fragmented energy data and show you the full picture. Whether you want to save money, shrink your carbon footprint, or become more informed about energy, Jotson™ gives you practical information and tools to help you achieve your goals.

See all your energy data in one place

Easily compare electricity, natural gas, and fuel data.

Learn from your trends

Monthly and annual charts help you understand ups, downs, and outliers.

Make energy decisions with confidence

Know what to change or keep the same.

Put all your
energy in one basket

We convert all of your household energy into a standard unit of energy to make it easy for you to compare different types of energy.

Instead of guessing how many kilowatt hours are in a gigajoule, you can compare apples to apples (or joules to joules) right away.

Compare electricity vs natural gas rates

Break down your total energy consumption by type

Compare carbon emissions by energy type

Know how much energy you consume.
No judgement, just facts.

Track your energy expenses to see how how much of each energy type you consume, how much it costs, and how your consumption changes over time.

See your total
energy costs

Set more accurate budgets by seeing all expenses in one view.

cost savings

Spot opportunities to save money through behaviour changes, energy type changes, or efficiency upgrades.

Demonstrate home
energy efficiency

Prove the value of home upgrades with data and enhance the resale value of your home.

See relative household

Compare your household energy consumption and trends to similar households.

Make the right decision for your
unique circumstance

When it comes to energy, there’s rarely a “right” decision for everyone. But there is a right decision for you.
With a clear understanding of your household energy profile and AI-powered analytical tools, tough decisions get easier.

Add solar

Install a heat pump

Drive your gas or electric vehicle

Run your furnace or heat pump

Why stay in the dark?
Let’s bring your energy facts to light.

Request early access to Jotson™ to learn your total household energy cost, consumption, and carbon emissions.